Monday, August 22, 2011

Corpse of literature

I had friends visiting from a few hours south. We decided to take a bike ride into the midmorning Florida heat to see the bay front on the last day of their visit. I like guiding visitors through my own mundane world as a way to reenergize my attention, and to make that world maybe a little less mundane. The dad is a professional photographer, who actually after 20 years of professional photography still gets excited by translating what he sees. At one point we stopped abruptly in an alley way. My friend started to explain how an abandoned parade float gave the appearance of being an actual pirate ship in a sea of unkempt lawn, as he grabbed a couple of angles. Now every easter when that float is given pirate life again to motor through the middle of town adorned with gratuitous cleavage and bearded accountants, I will always remember its silent run through the sea of beggar weeds...(drawing is a collaboration between the four of us.)

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