Monday, August 15, 2011


Wiki Junky -"Ferdinand is a Germanic male given name composed of the words for "prepared"/"protection"/"safety"/"peace" (frithu) and "journey"/"boldness"/"recklessness" (nantha). It is particularly common in nations and regions that were settled by the Visigoths: Fernán, Fernando, Hernando, and Hernán in Spanish, Ferran in Catalan, and Fernando and Fernão in Portuguese. The Visigoths originally pronounced it as Frithnanth, later its Latinized form Frithunantus was pronounced that way by the Romans. According to Visigothic tradition it means "ardent for peace."
The French forms are Ferrand, Fernand, and Fernandel, and it is Ferdinando and Fernando in Italian. The Finnish version is Veeti."

"Fer nan dino" little fearce sword of flame... ?
-The bull
The book was released nine months before the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, but was still seen by many supporters of Francisco Franco as a pacifist book. It became a target of the right wing, being banned in many countries, and—perhaps because of that suppression—was promoted by many on the left.

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