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"If thou canst sink these calabashes, then will I take myself away, but if thou canst not sink them, then will I cut up thy body"

Great blog entry on Gourds.

Yayoi Kusama has a show at the The National Art Center Tokyo

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Bunk Beds in Every House-Activities must go on.

"But can't this eclecticism, this banalizing and consuming eclecticism that preaches cynical indifference toward history and erases the political implications of the avant-gardes, be contrasted with something other than Greenberg's Darwinian vision, or a purely historicizing vision of art? The key to this dilemma is in establishing processes and practices that allow us to pass from a consumer culture to a culture of activity, from a passiveness toward available signs to practices of accountability. Every individual, and particularly every artist, since he or she evolves among signs, must take responsibility for forms and their social functioning: the emergence of a "civic consumption," a collective awareness of inhuman working conditions in the production of athletic shoes, for example, or the ecological ravages occasioned by various sorts of industrial activity is each an integral part of this notion of accountability. Boycotts, detournement, and piracy belong to this culture of activity."-NICOLAS BOURRIAUDPOSTPRODUCTIONCULTURE AS SCREENPLAY: HOW ART REPROGRAMS THE WORLD Thank you Patrick.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

elegant solution

Pinocchio Prometheus  
Santa Claus as maker demigod. Moral nocturn illuminated by sensitive animal noses. Cargo released, rains of increase.

Sunday, October 02, 2016


Cronus castrated his dad Uranus. Cronus threw his pops genitals into the sea and Aphrodite was born of the seafoam. From those castrated genitals blood droplets that hit the earth Giants and wood nymphs of the ash tree and furies Erinyes. This myth feels related to the Hebrew letter
ayin. From one into force two options depending on what element the force is nurtured in. This mythology also brings to mind the Native American story of the two wolves light and dark and the dominate wolf being the one you feed.

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