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This summer I had the distinct pleasure to relive my Atari addled childhood with Cary Whittier 's most excellent offspring. We solved the Adventure maze by grabbing the tail of the bat as it grabbed the chalice! 'cue winning seizure inducing flashy sequence. Cherish your good times-♥ The beads are from my moms visit to Africa and an olive wood cutting board she gave me and a squeaky ruler just like my grandfathers.

Excerpt from Gordon Whites Rune Soup blog.-"But there is something very powerful about the joy of play, which in almost every form requires navigating probabilities. It's like the universe 'notices' you. Perhaps it does?
From the solemn gloom of the temple children run out to sit in the dust, God watches them play and forgets the priest.
- Rabindranath Tagore
There is also something very dangerous about play... dangerous in a good way. And I'm not talking about the sometimes-alarming paranormal effects that accompany roleplaying (or the weird dreams). Play is dangerous because it teaches you about rules. When to follow them, when to break them... and when to bet the farm:
Play the game for more than you can afford to lose... only then will you learn the game.
- Winston Churchill"

Friday, May 31, 2019

catching colds and missing trains

An ambitious king, Jalandhara by name, by virtue of assiduously practicing yoga acquired such supernatural powers that he was able to overthrow the gods themselves in their heaven. In his hubris at this success he decided that Shiva's consort, Parvati, should properly be his queen. To this end he summoned forth a great demon, Rahu, the Seizer - whose more normal night time job was to catch the moon and eclipse it - to act as his emissary on this considerable errand. When Rahu confronted Shiva with his request the latter, unperturbed, let blast a flash of light from his third eye, conjuring forth a leonine headed emaciated demon which was non other than ravenous hunger incarnate. Rahu realising his probable fate if he were to confront this horror, cast himself upon Shiva's mercy and implored forgiveness. Appeased, Shiva granted him protection from the terrible monster who however now demanded from the god another victim that his hunger might be temporarily satiated. With the wit of a supreme godhead, Shiva suggest the monster eat himself, which he did until only his upper face remained. Shiva delighted by this act granted the vestigial terrifying face the compliment of:
 You shall be known henceforth as Kirttimukha, Face of Glory, and shall abide forever at my door. No one who fails to worship you will ever obtain my grace.

Chinese face jug-tiger?

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

0 ->Rx

Last Saturday a white early 2000s Cadillac jumped the median and crashed 20 feet behind me while I was riding my bicycle. The car crumpled to rest at the foot of a concrete utility pole. The deep buzzing sound of an electrical short filled the sky above my head.  I anticipated power lines falling on top of me. The lines held. The driver was alive but breathing very heavily. The Cadillac was destroyed. 

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Phrygid Heir

Phrygid Heir

There is a long standing dichotomy in the way we as humans perceive reality. It is the appearance of a separation . A separation between sense and form,body and mind, nature and civilization,chaos and order. It is in this estuary between the flesh and the spirit that i get hot and bothered.

Like all well adjusted adults with too much education, I go straight to my toy box to vent this frustration. Here is hot and bothered of the mind, “Phrygid Heir” the story of a clone ship navigating deep space, dark matters, and nebulae of insanity told through action figures ink and plywood.

Our story starts in the middle as we relate to a loose band of brothers in search of gold rumored to lay in the heart of the fabled Bubo nebula? We observe these clones through the eyes of the one real human Among them. His name is Charles and he is sentenced to a life of corporate servitude and well honestly, farts.

Lots of gas, a by product of the innumerable clones and their incessant snacking on slices,spears,chips and puffs.

For me the Phrygian Heir story becomes an opportunity to advocate for a strategy. A strategy for dealing with the side effects of modernity and the absurd spaces we find ourselves in culturally politically,physically, and spiritually. That strategy is a developed sense of play.  With a developed sense of play we find it easier to addresses anxieties about power and labor and self identity. Ultimately “playing” allows for a low risk mental space of empowerment to construct a world view. This space becomes a space of autonomy where no one system has authority.

It is a space where the prime directive is to explore.  It is a space where intent is intentionally unclear and potential takes precedence over predictability. It is a space defined by autonomy, an autonomous zone.

The autonomous zone is not about Self discovery with a capital S. It is putting into perspective the self within a world view cohabitating with innumerable world views.

What I like about the Phrygian Heir clone story is
It is not a narcissistic black hole event, a definition of the “Me” as a product of extreme variables. The clone story transcends the self into a lattice of liminal perspectives. Ultimately there is nothing to find. There is no there there because no matter where you go there you are.

The map is not the territory in the Phrygian Heir story. The liminal zone is notoriously mapless and inherently without discernible value. No ground to cover or territory to control. It is not a battle to be won.
Contradicting perspectives are not opportunities for conflict but trophies of compromise. Tea time with the truth leaves both parties with the most useful of stories. Truth is an autonomous zone.

When I thought about why I was attracted to this story and theses characters, I realized it was because they embodied so much potential. I like this story because I don’t know the ending. I like the story for the same reason I like the explanation of how something can be both a particle and a wave in quantum physics. The story is evolving not from an end goal, but an end in itself, from the act of just playing.

Where do I find meaning in a sea of absurdity. What is my animating force. What gets me out of bed in the morning. Do I find that motivation through my senses. Is it the prospect of a hot cup of coffee. Or is it in the realm of of the intellect and abstract forms. More than likely what animates me, what animates us as humans. is a collaboration between sense and form.  It is the warm cup of caffeine that focuses that realm of abstract forms.

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