Friday, September 26, 2014

Algernonia Beyond the Chifforobe.

I am getting smarter I can feel it. The drugs are working! I start work at the bakery tomorrow. - (Illusive tablet formatting)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Subterranean and Baudrillard

The hyperreal space of digital simulation - whether it be the space of cinematic special effects or video games - is characterized by a new depthlessness. (Pierson1999) Andrew Darley (2000) places CGI as an important cultural form within an emergent 'digital visual culture', alongside video games, pop videos, digital imaging in advertising and computer animation - he argues that these visual digital forms: Lack the symbolic depth and complexity of earlier forms, appearing by contrast to operate within a drastically reduced field of meaning. They are about little, other than their ability to interest the sight and the senses. Popular forms of diversion and amusement, these new technological entertainments are, perhaps, the clearest manifestation of the advance of the culture of the 'depthless image'. (Darley 2000) Alleyn's School Media Studies Department

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Maid of the Mist

Alfred North Whitehead proposed ... that history grows toward what he called a "nexus of completion." And these nexuses of completion themselves grow together into what he called the "concrescence." A concrescence exerts a kind of attraction, which can be thought of as the temporal equivalent of gravity, except all objects in the universe are drawn toward it through time, not space. As we approach the lip of this cascade into concrescence, novelty, and completion, time seems to speed up and boundaries begin to dissolve. The more boundaries that dissolve, the closer to the concrescence we are. When we finally reach it, there will be no boundaries, only eternity as we become all space and time, alive and dead, here and there, before and after. Because this singularity can simultaneously co-exist in states that are contradictory, it is something which transcends rational apprehension. But it gives the universe meaning, because all processes can be seen to be seeking and moving in an effort to approximate, connect with, and append to this transcendental object at the end of time. — Terence McKenna, Timewave Zero and Language These two really aspire to sculpt with words I believe. -------------------------------------------------------------------

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

It lieth, gazing.

I wonder if Medusa is just some allegory of a witch that got intellectually caught up in the serpent stage of our initiation? Her ability to turn flesh to stone is the affects of the viewer indulging in her gaze -her perspective has the effect of arresting development.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014


PsychomantiumThe Ganzfeld experiment replicates the conditions of a psychomanteum where a state of trance may be induced by a uniform field of vision. In the way of strobe or flashing light, stimulus is provided by indirect, moving light in the psychomanteum. Flickering candles or lamps are sometimes recommended to induce hallucination. It is supposed the indeterminate depth of the mirror’s darkness allows the eyes to relax and become unfocused, a state that reduces alertness.[2]

Monday, August 25, 2014

William Wantling

PUSAN LIBERTY by William Wantling the 6 x 6 bounces me down thewashboard roads, I see the sun-eaten walls of Korea, mygirl-wife & child in mud & straw hut back in Taegu & here I am meeting the SEAL as he sits on his roller-skate cartminus arms & legs but beneath his ass a million $’s worthof heroin – I make my buy walk through the 10,000 cam-era market-place, jeeps for sale, people for sale, I’meven for sale as I find the porch of Cutie’s suckahatchihouse and fix, sitting in the sun on the adobe veranda, thetwo Chinese agents come around to make their buy, 2 youngboys, they’re hooked bad & I charge them too much – we sitthere and fix, I fix again, the so-called Enemy & I, but just 3 angry boys lost in the immense absurdity of War and state suddenfriends who have decided that our hatred of Government exceedsour furthest imaginable limits

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Long Mirror

a common vegetable. Will any one assert that the surrounding inorganic elements of air, earth, heat, and water produce its peculiar form? Though some, or all, of these may be essential to its development, they are so only as its predetermined correlatives, without which its existence could not be manifested; and in like manner must the peculiar form of the vegetable preexist in its life, — in its idea, — in order to evolve by these assimilants its own proper organism. -TS ELIOT "Objective correlative"

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