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Smell without taste-Either/or-corruptability

The most humane way to euthanize Cuban Treefrogs is by liberally applying benzocaine (20%) to the back or belly of the frog. At your local drugstore, you can find a variety of products containing 20% benzocaine -- first aid or burn sprays and toothache gels or liquids. After you apply the benzocaine, the Cuban Treefrog will quickly become unconscious. Next, seal the plastic bag and put it into the freezer overnight. By the next day, you can be sure that the Cuban Treefrog will not wake up (which would be inhumane), and can dispose of the bag.

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Chris Kraus points to a Spinoza quote as if an answer to nothing new under the sun -"Ambiguity," wrote Dutch philosopher Baruch de Spinoza, seeing it all two hundred years ago, "is the kingdom of the night."

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 Febuary 28th 2015. This day should be declared nothing new under the sun day-a holiday for acts of novelty speculation and ventures into the unknown.

Bartleby and his refusal to be itemized.
Kant or Hume associating sublime with sight. Terance Mckenna in his notion of novelty. Nothing new under the sun, but what goes on beyond the jurisdiction of light?

this looks interesting-Philosophical Beauty: The Sublime in the Beautiful in Kant's Third Critique and Aristotle's Poetics Richard Gilmore Concordia College


A mid-17th century English ditty (a short, simple popular song)—much quoted in histories of ale and beer brewing in England—refers to 1525 as the year:
Hops, heresies, bays, and beer;
Came into England all in one year. Wiki on Baize

A loose association presents itself between the emerald color in the wizard of OZ and the prop of the curtain in that same movie. Baize is used for games of chance. Servants doors were covered with this wool for sound proofing. Altars are also covered with the same material. (Jane Austin's World blog)I sense a connection between this curtain of the temple as a veil and the revealing aspects of the concept of Aletheia

Video podcast on Vimeo about Heidegger's Aletheia


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