Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Catrina and funnel cakes of change.

I have just returned from Mexico City. I was doing personal research on a crazy piece of jewelry I saw in a shop window five blocks from the Aztec center of the world(Templo Mayor). I began to make food and ritual connections with not only contemporary Mexican but older Aztec traditions. The pendant was a depiction of Santa Muerte. Only the Santa Muerte I saw carried an AK-47 instead of a scythe. My research led me to candy skulls or alfeñique.  I also read where in pre-colonial times the aztecs made figurines with amaranth for their altars. In general the day of the dead rituals feel like an open grimace to the false pride that accompanies materialist culture. The artist Posada's depiction of pre-Mexican revolutionary high society couture with "La Calavera Catrina" really drives this point home for me.

This is a sculpture I did of a piggy figure with an empty belly.

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