Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Mistletoe is an interesting plant. It is a nesting haven for Spotted Owls,Marbled Murrelets, Diamond Firetails,and Painted Honeyeaters, quite a colorful neighborhood. Some trees react to mistletoe with a genetic mutation causing coarse dense growth or witches' brooms and make great homes for flying squirrels.(Witches Broom Nebula)In other news:The old kissing tradition associated with mistletoe is only good for as many berries as are on the twig you've picked. One berry one kiss, thats it, but in some traditions a bird can be trapped by covering nests with mistletoe sap. I'm thinking a pervy super villain all covered in mistletoe sap and bird carcasses hydrostaticaly spewing mistletoe seed, reeking havoc on systems by making witches brooms of their order.

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