Monday, May 19, 2014

Tower mouth

In 1989 Element 115 was still undiscovered by Science, but by 2004 the first atoms of this super-heavy element were synthesized by Russian scientists & its existence was officially confirmed last year. This newer addition to the periodic table has been given the name of Ununpentium —it's chemical symbol is Uup, which I personally find highly amusing, given its alleged involvement in the creation of anti-gravitational fields— but unlike Lazar's claims, Element 115 is highly unstable and can only exist for a small amount of time before decaying into other elements. Lazar remains unfazed & insists the 500 pounds of E. 115 in possession of the US Air Force was obtained from a place where it would be created naturally, "like from a super nova." This of course implies it was handed to them by the aliens themselves ,which propels the story to a whole new level of Conspiranoia. Still the even more recent discovery of Elements 116 & 117 seems to point out to an 'island of stability' further along in the (Earth-based) periodic table…
Daily Grail Uup! with people!

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