Friday, May 02, 2014

hop light

Here is a response to a post by a friend concerning an craigslist ad for a Volvo 240. It is an awesome read so I guess my response would be considered fan fiction for a car ad.
"a speedometer which has the 55 mph mark outlined in orange, and only goes up to 85. Thus, on modern freeways, you will sometimes exceed the speedometer’s measurement capacity, and thus be reminded that you are an autonomous individual, and all limits are temporary. This will boost your self esteem."
Once over the speed of 85 the car believes you wish to go to Valhalla and will only stop with excessive force from either Thor's hammer or 15 minute break pedal application. We had a later model 240 that could actually tell you if you exceeded 100 MPH-pretty sure a light would pop on that said Beast Mode at that point but then all visual phenomenon normal to earths atmosphere would temporarily be disabled…Mostly just saw vibrating Japanese Anime lines…? In other news…Was watching a special on bonsai trees- Then I started thinking about Japanese ghost stories. That made me think about historic trees in general-or like historic hanging trees specifically. Would definitely have to include a Abel Meeropol poplar tree.

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