Monday, January 27, 2014

Tower house

"La Rue recounts an alleged paranormal experience he had at the house, and recalls feeling relieved when Liberace failed to buy the property. La Rue later met Richard Harris who told him that he had bought children's toys for the 'little bastards' inhabiting the Tower House, who then left Harris alone.[45] Harris later claimed that the house was haunted by an eight year old boy.[44] Harris employed the original decorators, Campbell Smith & Company Ltd. to carry out restoration work on the interior,[46] using Burges's original drawings from the Victoria and Albert Museum,[43] saying of the restoration that he "wanted Burges to be proud of us".[47] Jimmy Page[edit] The Led Zepellin guitarist Jimmy Page bought the house from Harris in 1972 for £350,000 (£3.91 million as of 2014)" Wiki In other news. -"In early folklore, the ifrit is said to be formed from the blood of a murder victim. Driving an unused nail into the blood was supposed to stop their formation. "wiki Ifrit

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