Friday, January 24, 2014


"You got to kiss some frogs to find your prince" Other than my initial response to purge the highly coveted powdered donuts I ate with strong coffee this morning, this phrase makes me think, what if you like making out with frogs. Have you ever broken off a section of aloe leaf. Sometimes the jelly inside is clear and close to odorless. Sometimes it is not. Sometimes it is yellow and acrid. The smell is strong like the meat of undomesticated animals. I imagine this to be the taste of frog saliva. What if some people learn to love this taste. Like really love it. So much that they seek it out and prefer this viscous gamey adhesive over clear healthy humanoid saliva. This quest to procure such encounters that would sate such a penchant would surely find its way into the "Best of" category on Craig's List.

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