Saturday, December 07, 2013

Ver's Ace Key to the City

Meaghan Kent of Site 95 was very kind to give me a tour of the big fair-Art Basel. There was a lot to take in. Everything was so shiny and the place was packed. So many casual suede loafers you could have started your own offshore dividends market municipality. It reminded me of the social media site Second life. Avatars feeding on ether. One of the stables had a grouping of plastic palm trees snowing down clips of paper. There was a crowd gathering around the roots to glean the printed words on the exfoliated squares. We sent my 18 year old niece play on a fake grassy knoll. Big smiles were had and every body was doing a group lounge there under the high intensities. Our 18 month timer was ticking but I think we had had enough anyway. My eyes had started to bleed and an adult beverage suture was needed. The Herman Miller provided seating was limited so we nuzzled up to some self professed grannies who were very happy to see the toddler Kathrine. Probably the best review of the fairs came at that moment. I asked how long the two had been browsing the art that day and they replied 3 hours. Then the itsy bits spider singing one on the left interjected that the Art Miami was "less - emperors new clothes."

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