Friday, December 06, 2013

Locust Projects

Here on location in Miami. It is Art Basel and the euros are invading.... This is my first art fair and it is invigorating. Just seeing Miami in such a fancy state is nice. Went to a place called the Locust Projects. They had free Coconut water on ice and after a day at the Nada art fair with an 18 month old it was quite refreshing. Had to park way back in the neighborhood and the locals were very patient. There was suppose to be a performance but Cathrine needed to go to bed so we dipped out early. But sitting there staring at the pre performance set up I over heard a conversation between a couple about the Locust Project name sake. Apparently some government entity instigated a locust infestation on some farmers in Africa so that all the labor would be forced to seek employment in the mines. Like I said I over heard the story, but sitting there looking at the figurative sculptures made of stitched inter tube car tire rubber and hearing the lamented tale of dislocated peoples for the sake of resource acquisition made quite an impression on me. As we were leaving we were forced to navigate packed streets of traffic. While waiting at a street light. I noticed a floor lamp set on the street corner only it was 30 feet tall and appropriated from the shapes of an old multi-story building carcass that had been left to stand. Crazy place really ...Miami was not like this in 1988.

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