Monday, August 01, 2011

Midnight at the Oasis

Galactic center-(caramel for sure). Canopus deep in the southern skies the star to guide her by. A quaint notion proposed by some followers of Gnosticism. This concept of the Earth as an object independent of its solar system is reinforced by recent findings that list a number of planets as wandering the galaxy(NASA article). In the years between 1616 and 1619 there was an epidemic among the natives of the new England coastline. This is given as one of the reasons that the Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock were initially accepted by the natives, so as to form an alliance(Pilgrams had iorn and gunowder) in order to protect their weakened numbers from other tribes further to the west.(more about this plague)(more about the algonquin) What if Earth were a wandering planet captured momentarily by the influence of our host solar system. If so, what a great way to frame the interactions of cultures that defines the times being lived through at the moment. Who is to say that one culture is older than the other or more connected to the origins of it's psyche (that being the same consciousness that formed this prima material origins ad infinitum in the galactic center). It could be argued that because the "Indians" had a certain efficiency built into their subsistence and a relationship to place that made allowances for resource renewal, that this would give them a higher standing on a scale of continuity of origin. The Europeans had formed a newer relationship with the daemons of "technology" and an alliance with the intelegence of this particular star, much like domesticated canines have a certain bioengeneering flexability that allows for spontaneous genetic adaptation, (genetics being deus ex mechinade riguer) Europeans were able to adopt more efficient measures of resource aquisition and just had wittier (not necessarily a good thing) responses to the question of survival. Like the story of Jefferson, I love the serenity of widerness, but the courtly vices sure do make for some wonderful mind-gasms. Unfortunately these elaborate barrell of monkey resolutions create effluence quicker than could be metabolized by their environment. Earth rolling east this older conscious is passing through the microbes(humans) influenced by the Archonic aspects attributed to this part of the galaxy... There is a galactic center that influences earthling (maybe all particles associated with this mothership rock) thought and action, and its influence fluctuates depending on the relationship to the galactic center. The chance meeting between the Pilgrim and the "Peoples of the First Light" is the result of whole cultures developed under different ages of galactic centric or Solar centric influences. Chapter one-"Star of the Old Man".

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