Saturday, June 12, 2010

DIY Darwin

The four friends had joyed themselves in Vegas and were now making a hastey expulsion from the dessert boil of a town in a powder blue Dodge Omni, or Horizon or Singularity, and it was messy. Repeated scenarios of prison rape and a string of DUI warnings on roadside signs incouraged a premature purge of all the cheap brews from the vehicle. We barreled on through the high dessert blackness and the slow ascending and descending of mesas and arroyos lulled our sense of security into a joint silence as if we all had secretly climbed our own neurological masts and skylarked ourselves into waking oblivion. Morning came on with the usual brilliance around 5 am. With the morning came a semblance of place. Our carriage of four lazy boy recliners came to a hovering stop in a town called Bedrock and the only place open at that hour was the Flintstone theme park, a grampa's concrete science project at best.

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