Friday, September 18, 2009


"...and all that was left of the suicide bomber was the head and the spine" relayed John, as he held a Young Linger light beer in his right hand and motions long ways to the ground with his other. It was the retelling of a story an electrician friend had told him he had seen on a guro style internet site. I thought it was an interesting tell. A beautiful distopian yarn, an allegory of physics, and instantaneous random disintegration, its a taxidermists version of The Wizard of OZ peeled open re stuffed and mounted on a plaque of polyurethane and routed pine.
A friend of mine use to model for a manikin sculptor. His studio was in an old hotel in Culver city California. He told my friend a story of how the hotel was used to lodge actors for the movie studios. This hotel consequently was where the little people acting in the movie The Wizard of OZ stayed while filming. The little people were said to have parties that included sexual orgies. The strangeness that uniquely sized people inspire, must have added otherworldly to the pallet of Frank Baum's tale, yet how ordinary the denizens of the Emerald City were with their socially lubricated epiphanies, early morning regrets with coffee and donuts and long days sweating out hangovers under gas driven backlot spots. update:Aug 2013 recently found this image.

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Russell Maycumber said...

"So man's insanity is heaven's sense."

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