Friday, September 18, 2009

pink decomposition

My son Russell had an alien dream 3 nights ago. I asked him what it was about, but was not surprised. Whenever any member of our immediate family sleeps on the couch they inevitable have more vivid dreams. This has been the case with every house we have lived in and with different couches in each house. My son tells me that they were pink, the aliens. That they giggled and squeaked and had octopus like tentacles for legs. They had big pink heads with green veins. They were trying to get in the door, but he punched them and kept them out. I asked if they scared him. He said he knew he could control them and that they wanted to "exchange information with him." The dream sounded like a mix between the psychotropic adventurer Terrance Mckenna's DMT experience and an episode of Jimmy Neutron, the CG cartoon on Nickelodeon. That same day I looked at the drawing in this post and realised what it could possibly mean. As most of the drawings in these posts start with just random lines and eventually settle on vaguely recognisable objects or visual representations of emotions or motivations or experiences or combinations of all of the above, I was unsure where the big X shape was coming from. As I was laying in bed I began to see that the X shape could represent the ceiling fan shapes. The last house we just moved from a couple of months ago did not have fans as the ceilings were to low. Now in this house the ceilings were high and were finished in either bead board or four inch wide planks. The walls are painted little Mermaid pink. The linear parallel shapes might be these planks. As far as the pink dude, well maybe my son was on to something. I showed him this drawing and he reassured me that the guys he saw were not this menacing.

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Russell Maycumber said...

scary! but i beat the crud out of them. still,... they giggled. r3

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