Wednesday, May 06, 2009


"Bed bugs are back", read one of the adverts in a subway car on the (f) train. NYC always makes me question my relevance. There are a lot of important people everywhere and they are all "doing" things. A friend of mine is helping to make a giant Tommy Hilfiger flag for one of their main stores in Manhattan. Its not that your made to feel less for not being involved, its that in my case at least I feel like I do have something to contribute, I'm just not sure where to plug into it all...


Ashlee R. Cox said...

Reminds me of a post in a friend's blog:

It's one thing to allow everyone their place. Some people are better at certain things and might have a greater aptitude for certain things (e.g. creating flags for Tommy Hilfiger stores).

And some people are capable of achieving greater things but are happier doing something else, something more simple (whether truly more simple or seemingly more simple).

But then there's us. Those who are capable of achieving greater things but aren't yet feeling that sense of accomplishment, those who are still searching for their niche.

I sometimes run into people I graduated high school with who seem to be more accomplished on paper, but that's not necessarily my paper. I have to remind myself of that and allow myself to be inspired by them while continuing the search for my niche.

Sorry for the sap, but everyone loves a cliche (damn it).

Russell Maycumber said...

ARC-"who seem to be more accomplished on paper, but that's not necessarily my paper" This is very true. This girl involved in that Hilfiger project is a good example of when your own paper is sometimes not "your" paper. Her education is in fashion marketing.
I think she should have left her self more room in that curriculum for exploration. Perhaps the fashion could be more of an exploration in neo expressionism/installation and I'll explain why. She landed this job with Hilfiger after being laid off from another design job. When I asked her to describe her job she went into this long explanation with the look in her eye like, I don’t really know what I do. On the other hand she is a much disciplined artist when she's not on the slickfinger payroll. She records herself getting prepped for work every morning. She contributes daily to documenting interesting people she meets on the subway. For instance one of the people on her commute does her makeup every morning, then one morning my friend asked to record her doing that. She is very dedicated creative thinking person that some how manages her personalities, in real life and on "paper". I think that she is the root of my anxiety of feeling irrelevant. Even though I can tell myself she puts her pants on one leg at a time like every one else, she is documenting it. She is living a waking life to use a cliché. I admire that, and it inspires me. It is a motivating irrelevance. Which brings me to my next lesson for myself; someone has to be the audience. Sit back in those cushy velvet chairs and acknowledge/encourage this’s beautiful and you deserve it, it is being done for you.

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