Saturday, May 02, 2009

of r lord

In the story of a "Tale Two Cities" by Chuck Dickens one of his characters, a lowly day laborer miss construes the term Anno Domini. to be Anna Dominoes cause after all it must have been a women named Anna that invented the game dominoes. I just happened to get my sister a set of dominoes for her graduation present, they are hand carved looking figurines from the 17 century. This posttit here depicts a woman who took this Anna moniker to represent a live action roll playing character. Accountant throughout the week temptress of the broadsword on Sundays...

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Russell Maycumber said...

Man sized, human scale, represented here in diminutive drawings. Like a symbiotic trailer backed out of a storage fascility of memories. Anna Reed's wife was met in New York 5 days later, she became the focus of a blog post here May 7th.

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