Thursday, July 27, 2006


Surf was most beautiful today as well. What most consider "flat" I concider close to Ideal. If the waves were a little bit bigger and the break a little bit further out, it would have been perfect but I am not complaining. A friend of Russell three's from Tae Kwon Do class showed up and gave me some pointers, keep my feet together and when I paddle for a wave to separate my arms, thanks Kawliga. I think I stepped on a sting- ray, it was slippery and shot out from under me. Later on I saw one jump completely out of the water. The ocean was very clear and I could see the bottom as I rode the wave. For the first time I could actually make out the shape of the wave and where I needed to go as I was riding into it. What a great day. I've been listening to R U Sirius the Pod cast a lot lately. I would like to pod cast although I'm not sure what about. I think I would do some sort of historical tours or my own take on galleries or museums or just ramble ...? I think the whole pod cast thing is perfect for conveying oral history too. I have a nano, cause I wanted an ipod with a screen. The ipod was my own reward for quitting smoking. The screen is kind of like a cold fire you can look at when your listening to all the stories. I think those are the pod cast I like best, when someone is telling a story. I realized today that its not just old timers who tell good stories, young timers got a few of them too. Kawliga told me a story about a family of bears invading their boy scout camp one night and eating all the Doritos. He said they ate everything but one packet of hot cocoa and that was too was covered in bear drool to use afterwards.

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