Friday, October 03, 2014

Shifting Sands

art-speak blubber bomb in three two…
1.What three words would you use to describe yourself as an artist? (not the artwork)
2.What words would you use to describe your artwork?
3.What influences can you discern?
4.What materials do you avoid?
5.What materials do you favor?
6.What materials have you always wanted to try, yet have not?
 7.Whose work do you like? (art or otherwise)
8.What kind of style would you say describes your work?
 9.What kind of artwork do you like?
10.What kind of artwork do you dislike?

answers- 1.Idiosnchratic,exploratory,social
2.Voyueristic in the sense that my content is mainly about people and their stories and the spaces those stories require. There is a sense that the subjects in my experiments are vaguely aware of my gaze as the diviner of their experience.
3.The fall of an Ottoman Empire. I trace my early visual influences to 70’s television and cinema. Most of my memories of ecstatic moments are associated with cartoons and animated visionary speculative realism. I think there is a visceral reaction to tumultuous shifts in social meta structures that causes us to seek distillations and reductions in our environment. Animation and intense characterization are by products of these reactions. The Wizard of Oz impressed me greatly. A paracosm of novelty and problems that call for innovation. I see the Ottoman Empire falling as such a shift in world events prior to the turn of the century. I think this fall left a void that created options in many fields. It would be difficult to say but I think People like Frank Baum were looked to for sewing reality back together. 4.Toxic ones
5.Economicaly sustainable materials. Materials that cultivate their elegance from genesis to revelation. Low maintenance materials. Materials with indigenous color.
 6.Bronze casting Sheet metal-automotive processes without the mechanical elements.
7. Anonymous mediaeval pen trial doodlers. 8.Home made, intimacy, folk,outsider or faux naive as defined by a neurotic entertainment of the necessity to make. Immediacy in the formal aspects, layered in content.
8.Maximalist non linear non sequential hyper narrative speculative realism graphic illustration. 9.Traditionally my taste could be described as sublime in that I find I am attracted to works that address a fleeting nature associated with the event we are perceiving as reality. That can manifest in a variety of creative, destructive, nurturing or stasis driven acts.
10. Work that attempts to maintain defunct meta structures or systems. However the grotesque theatre that arises from gestures defined by this form of sloth and lethargy has the potential to be radically engaging at the moment of their decay or sudden implosive demise.

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