Thursday, September 11, 2014

Subterranean and Baudrillard

The hyperreal space of digital simulation - whether it be the space of cinematic special effects or video games - is characterized by a new depthlessness. (Pierson1999) Andrew Darley (2000) places CGI as an important cultural form within an emergent 'digital visual culture', alongside video games, pop videos, digital imaging in advertising and computer animation - he argues that these visual digital forms: Lack the symbolic depth and complexity of earlier forms, appearing by contrast to operate within a drastically reduced field of meaning. They are about little, other than their ability to interest the sight and the senses. Popular forms of diversion and amusement, these new technological entertainments are, perhaps, the clearest manifestation of the advance of the culture of the 'depthless image'. (Darley 2000) Alleyn's School Media Studies Department

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