Thursday, April 24, 2014

King of the eyesores

translated -"Mahashta Murasi , is an Indian man who claims to be 179 years old. "I have lived so many years I saw my grandchildren die long ago . Death forgot me somehow ," says longtime . The man is an ex officio exzapatero city of Bangalore in India. According to his birth man born on January 6, 1835 in Bangalore. " Since 1903 lives in Varanasi , where he worked as a shoemaker until 1957 , when he turned 122 years " , as stated in portal. But many doubt that can be true age of this man. Apparently , there are documents that account for the longevity of Murasi , however , is difficult to obtain biological evidence to prove age , since the last time you visited your doctor, as it was in 1971 and the doctor and died . Murasi says believed immortal , "I think I no longer hope left . Miren statistics, nobody dies from the years 150 to 170. I reached this point I think I'm immortal or something. Should then enjoy it ," said Indian elder. There is no certainty that the true age of this man , there is still no official source that confirms he argues have longevity , but if true would topple any scientific argument on human vitality and reach the record of being the oldest man world ."

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