Monday, September 02, 2013

you really caught me dear

This is an art experiment. If you don't like art, then this is an endeavor into self empowerment. Yours and mine. We will start by playing make believe. In my town there is an covered alley way that connects two busy streets filled with tourists. In that alley way is an animatronic fortune teller in a box. She looks like an old apple that has been left in the sun for weeks on end. She runs on quarters and she only tells fortunes. I want to become that robot in a box. But first I must know thy bidding. Unlike the dehydrated lady in the babushka I do more than squawk prerecorded messages emotionless into the left hand corner of a sheet of plate in and day out. I am a living man. I can do oh so much more. Unlike the recording in that oak cabinet lined with flashing incandescent bulbs, I can make coffee for my wife in the morning so that she may rise and go forth into the daylight to make others happy by checking out their books and answering none too silly questions from seniors about the email you sent auntie Edith last month. More than a mere scarecrow, I come with a mind! I can think. Behold! I can even scribble profusely on bits of paper ( cue scratchy sounds ). So this is where you come in. I need you to MAKE believe. I am the robot, the android, the artificial somewhat intelligence. You can make me move. You can put my straw mind to task. If you so desire...I shall drink a beer. I shall feed my cats. I shall even...scribble on little sheets of paper! Heck, this robot even tells fortunes. But! (you knew this was coming) this tin man needs motivation. We must first cross the palm. On the blog ( i run there is a paypal button, a small humble little button really but it is directly linked to my motivational servos so to speak. Once this coin of the realm detail is in place we shall proceed to the exciting bits, your BIDDING. We can converse openly here in this thread or in more cloistered quarters -say the message link. What do you say. Lets light the fires under this experiment.

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