Saturday, August 10, 2013

Beast of Burden

This is a roughdraft of a paper i am working on. I have placed it here as a visual prop in relation to the scan of a drawing to the left of this. FIRE IN THE HOLE!-Nomenclature has always been a way to exert power over objects, people, events, history. The Art field is no different. Specialized language is an effective way to apprehend ideas that by their very nature are nebulous, abstract, referential horizons. Understanding art is like a band flyer that reads Free Beer Tomorrow , They keep creeping in for the free beer but the bar tender keeps telling them, tomorrow tomorrow and tomorrow, come to find out Free Beer was the name of the band. Art is inherently illusive. Interpretation of this phenomenon is open. The ambiguity ultimately leads to dichotomies. The specialized language that was a sword of understanding becomes the gate to an exclusive community. As buddhism made inroads into the Japanese society of the (insert years) two schools developed, even in the face of a system designed to adress the illusions of duality. There was the school of sudden enlightenment (insert name) and the slower path(insert name). Humor becomes the a point of access to both of these schools of thought(monkeys and frogs as monks. (low brow built on a specialized language of its own.) The term Low Brow was coined by Robert Williams. (brief bio) If you are familiar with his work it is filled with the use of specialized language. Robert Williams spent some formative years as a carney in the American South West(cootie cootie carney talk). He was as a lot of teens were up to his elbows in hot rod culture(Rabbit Pounder). I attended one of his shows down on (location) in L.A. back in 93? I asked him what a rabbit pounder was. The feeling I got was acceptance because my grandfather had raced on the clay tracks of Jacksonville back in the 50s and 60s. I had grown up in his garage. These terms were like memes like instant acknolegement of inclusiveness. Whole experiences in a phrase. But I had also been brought up by the captain of merchant marine vessel, with an officers education and a mother who put herself through a masters degree in computer engineering languages. This appreciation for peer review and empirical toil made me smell of privilege. Like wise in the starch white boxes of gallerina bejazzled museums (picture of sex in city gallery opening) The ancient inside jokes written on some urinal circa?1930(DuChamp) alluded my cracker barrel banter. This hot rod, sci-fi monster. tattoo memes of snap crackle and pop and the (insert witticism of all academia art up to this point in history with undertones of a rationalist royal society salon) were one in the same. Like an Asterix cartoon. Being generally ignorant to European history, the Pagans and Romans were different only in hair styles as far as I could see. Two of the same celluloid slap stick straw dogs setting fire to one other(insert astrix image -Marlon Brando wild one lee marvin and Clement Greenberg as a roman). I will try to dispel misconceptions of propriety with examples of humor. responses to excerpts from Dan Brown's memoir piece on Starehouse- Ed wound up riding home on my much smaller bicycle, but he just pumped his legs faster carefully hidden and buried in the icy frost like a fossilized UFO.They were all dead but they would not lie down King of the Mountain (addiction is:)soggy

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