Wednesday, April 24, 2013

man around the moon

As an exhibiting artist, one is always crafting your "artist statement". Even if your not writing your statement, that is your statement. It would be an interesting read, "The History of the Artist Statement" Like, did Michelangelo have an artist statement? So after considering my subject matter I realize how full of popular culture and toy culture my vocabulary was. Then I plugged in the years I would have been forming the core of my language centers 1970 - 1977 and came up with a peculiar shift in western cultural thinking. I believe that this shift involved the act of witnessing a human space adventure,in particular the global broadcasting of the Apollo 11. As demonstrated in the above clip about marketing the first "action figures". Cognitive shifts leave marks or signatures in the fabric of recorded history. I have heard aural accounts of the impact the moon landing had on science fiction and toys. In particular, the speculation on the alien presence in science fiction to the spectacle of seeing a man floating and bouncing around in that dark not earth other place. Maybe it was a shift in the Other. Like the unknowable was temporarily perceived as a vacuum. Vacuums are dangerous.(cue absurd image) ...and then you think, wow this is some really self absorbed bullshit.

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