Friday, January 11, 2013

Misfit Toils-impersonations with Gary Stephen

Exceptional interview! Art nerd city!(painters in particular but very translatable) Bad At Sports #384 Here the lazy skinny.- Incomplete and withholding authority. Giving agency, is the modern. "Just because they look like wallpaper doesn't mean they are not."- "A hermetic project that no one will like."- Gary Stephen Penta mento-repentance assertion and resistance. What is it that you don't not do? What are you not omitting. Set things in motion with no agency and no intent. To get yourself into such a bind the only way out is to chew the door off. Just doing things. If you do enough stuff, signals come out of the noise. (rise of improvisation 20century) Nothing precedes or precludes an interesting out come-so in a sense an interesting outcome under this particular set of protocols is non sequential...? Superposition?

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