Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Choke chain collar

Cicadas sleep. It is a September morning. After filling a long flat tire with a cigarette lighter air pump I shuttle the progenitor to school. On the way there, the boy asks what was my favorite adventure was while I was wandering around the US. I replied I had many but, hitch hiking was quite the experience although I would not do it again. There were so many golden moments on that stretch, but I chose to relay one about getting a ride with two girls, as that was the longest thread in that daisy chain of events. In retrospect I should have told the story of helping the truck driver unload his extremely caustic payload to a fella out in the middle of the New Mexican dessert. It was the first time I has seen a thin gage railroad car up close as the old timer was using them for storage. He also had strange very well mannered coyote looking dogs. That would probably be more interesting to an 8th grader obsessed with a video game titled Fallout New Las Vegas. Meh, the girls not so much. I'll tell that one again in 4 years.

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