Sunday, July 01, 2012

Wrestling Angels

"Sir," replied the maiden, "everyone makes mistakes and I am no different. I've made mistakes with my flock but I think they must forgive me because every day they let me take care of them and if they sense danger, they come to me for protection. I love my sheep and do my best for them. Truly I have no ambition to become queen, but I'm not afraid to look into that magic mirror." Saying this, she walked up to the mirror and gazed into it, blushing slightly, perhaps at the sight of her own reflection. The court ladies surrounded her. When they saw that the magic mirror showed no stains on its surface, they snatched it from her, passing the mirror from one to another. They exlaimed, "Look! There is no magic in this mirror - a trick has been put on us!" But the king said, "No ladies, you have only yourselves to thank. For had you been as confident as this shepherdess, who is going to be my queen, you would not have dreaded to look into the mirror."

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