Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Digital Permanance or ...Modern Prometheus

This song brings to mind a memory of being 16. The lyrics come across as so innocent. Some friends and myself found out there was a day party being hosted by waver kids attending the neighboring high school. It was being thrown in one of those mini Falcon Crest suburbs. Domiciles coated sea foam green and lawns rolled in with the Champagne colored carpets were de rigueur. I remember the entry way was very tall and compressed quickly with the light as we did, winding through a crowd of kids skipping school just like us. There was probably music, and drinking of stuff like Bartles and James wine coolers in 2 liter bottles. I remember seeing a bunch of anxious young men swarming a door down the hall of this house and I overheard the boy with the most acne saying something about a girl. I remember a pretty girl with olive skin and coal black hair, laughing at some unrelated gathering and thinking "that was the girl at that party".

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