Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Your Eyes

The term replicants is used nowhere in Philip K. Dick's writing. The creatures in the source novel are called Androids or Andies. The movie abandoned these terms, fearing they would sound comical spoken on screen. Replicants came from screenwriter David Webb Peoples' daughter, Risa, who was studying microbiology and biochemistry. She introduced her father to the theory of replication - the process whereby cells are duplicated for cloning purposes. (Peoples' is also known for his screenplays on Unforgiven and Twelve Monkeys.)
Loren Coleman ©2012


macksledge said...

i dig them thick lines ruz ol' boy. yep.

macksledge said...

do huh?

Russell Maycumber said...

Yeah, I think its from my eye site getting looser, and sometimes the brush gets old and I'm too lazy to get a new one...

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