Thursday, April 26, 2012


These small near-Earth asteroids represent a transient population, with life spans in the millions of years, typically cut short by running into a planet or being thrown out of the solar system by Jupiter.
Jupiter (Zeus ) likes that exile move doesn't he?
The Obama Administration has set 2025 as the year NASA would be set to attempt a human-asteroid rendezvous, which coincides with the Planetary Resources schedule. Humans would harvest asteroids from that point forward.
-Quotes from Ars Technica article on asteroid mining program. The prospects of mining asteroids, makes me think of the gold rushes through out history. The guys who built the railroads and sold real estate made the real money and the prospectors were just there to saturate their fool pride with watered down whiskey and greasy pick ax handles. Where is the next crazy mining story here...Noir Nuevo detective agency Richard Branson blvd. City of New Virginia Dactyl, Moon of 243 Ida. Couple of skin job miners getting blamed for vermefetish violations, redlining cortizylene dispensers protocol aberrations Trojaned in on anon-service packs. Accosting wyrm transport coagules is a class 1 offense. As much as everyone enjoys the absence of archonic interference, Ida-Eden, as its sometimes referred to, has its own brand of island fever. Only one way in and out and thats diminutive tessellation. The Ahta Gnocht are most abundant at this perceptive chiral window. After the "great Doek" and the remembering of the Delta Azul pact our symbiotic relationship with the Wyrm was revealed. Assuring us that the effects of our galactic and planetary influence would wear off the more time our integration of perception spent in transient dimensions, the Wyrm were more than happy to nurse from the noveltic slag cones brought on by our Yuga negated sleigh rides. Turns out the systemic virus routed on the miners was thoracic in nature, meaning there were external forces influencing the kelvinic relay fields originating at the Akashic sensor terminals sub dermic-ally mounted on their solar plexus'. Not the result of compromised updates but rogue pleasure units from Bitcoin junction more than likely. Dennix built the scene in his mind, it was a habit from his primary education as an ocillation facillitator. Knowledge of voids and contact interfaces were tantamount. From conception he had been groomed into the resource extraction guild. The manipulation of frequencies used to disintegrate matter bonded under millenia of occulahydrum was his birthright. Bitcoin had developed automaton flagelum belts to expidite flow and eleminate capacity burnout in the mining units. They got the idea from studying stele of the Maya depicting cumber bun adornments from live serpents. Dennix had seen these stele in his priority one art classes back in Rose dale. He often reflected on how closely the steli resembled ocillation schematics he would later come across in his cluster dynamics residencies on Ganymede. The miners were probably just trying to get home a common anomaly and the effects of the magnetite like composites in the extraction process. Only home was just another set of impulses borrowed from what was called the Chifforobe, a metaphorical term for the guilds master program.

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