Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jupiter'S Headache

Young dude has a stuffy/runny mucous full sinus issue. Its dinner time and the boys upper lip glistening with poorly expectorated goo was putting his grandfather off his meal. Grandfather convinces him that apple cider vinegar will loosen all that up and get it to flow again. Once the child sips the vinegar, he immediately gags but a good swig makes an assault on poor little dudes stomach lining. Under his fetid dentures, gram-pa mutters something about putting "hair on yer chest and more if you ain't none too careful"...The morning came and the boy was slow to rise and the cat sleeping up under his neck didn't help matters. He did notice his breathing was easier. When the boy could finally move his limbs enough to remove the slumbering feline, his hand fell on a mat of fur. But there was no cat. It was his fur. His fingers were full of it. The boy jumped to his feet, stumbling over the morass of action figures and game controller cords spilt like black vermicelli pasta over his bedroom floor. In the bathroom mirror he could see it. The plume of wiry flocks covering the whole front of his torso, adams apple to pelvis. Horrified at first, but then the awesomeness struck him, like a Pontiac Firebird. Still deeper in the silver back gorilla tones that swirled between his finger tips was something slightly blue like the markings of an antique porcelain bowl at the bottom of the North Sea. Was that?...Yes it was there in all her splendor! Etched into his flesh in guinuine cephalopod ink! Life just got a whole lot Awesomer! An exact detailed replica of the Cutty Sark. The fastest clipper ever to fly tea under sail in the Queen's navy.

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