Saturday, March 17, 2012

It was Saturday night...the lie in belief

Slave owners of recent U.S. history would not allow their slaves to marry in a church ceremony (I wonder if they actually wanted to marry in a Euro based belief system). Alternatively a broom was placed across a doorway. They called it "jumping the broom". The bride and groom jumped over the broom into their new life as a couple. Witches make brooms from Buck Wheat. from The Unicorn Lady:-Witches And Horseshoes: The horseshoe assumed additional power in the Middle Ages when the fear of witchcraft was at its peak. It was believed that witches traveled on brooms because they feared horses, and that any reminder of a horse, especially its iron shoe, warded off a witch. A woman accused of witchcraft was interred with a horseshoe nailed atop her coffin to prevent resurrection. In Russia a blacksmith who forged horseshoes was imbued with the ability to perform "white magic" against witchery, and solemn oaths pertaining to marriage, business contracts, and real estate transactions were taken upon the anvils used to hammer out horseshoes.

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