Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Flax Lox

I awoke the other morning from a dream state with a very specific thought form in my head . Coming out of the dream, I knew it was peculiar enough that I should try to take mental notes. I knew I would want to reproduce it in my waking state.The design is always understood completely in the dream then begins to change as I adapt it to real world resources. The back ground was a confederate to Payne's grey. The middle ground was a yellow sunburst impression that met with a red /orange drop shadow complementing a foreground shape. I recognized the foreground shape as a character-glyph in the way chinese letters are. What the shape was made of did not matter in the dream but had to be understood if I was to reproduce it. Sipping my cofee, I decided it was somewhere between brown and white striped rectangle candy I use to get in my Halloween pumpkin(Atkinsons peanut butter), and a Gulag prisoners jacket. When I tried to search these items up to throw them into photoshop, I realized that mattress ticking and modular interlocking popsicle sticks were also informing the dream environment.. I think this was a multiple of four like the double happiness Chinese glyph. None of these things quite fills the bill but a pinch of each might suffice.heart of glass

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