Monday, November 21, 2011

Madogs and Englishmen...

Podcast about colonies of Europeans before Columbus, arived(but didn't actually set foot in the new world?) according to Rick Osmon-
According to Cherokee legend, this wall(850 ft. long) is a remnant of a war that the Moon-Eyed people fought and lost against the Creek, at the end of which they fled further north and deeper into the mountains and took up their subterranean habits. The Creeks drove the Moon-Eyed People from their homeland during a full moon, which even the pale light of is blinding to these nocturnal people. Another version of the story has is that it was the Cherokee themselves who waged war against the Moon-Eyed People, driving them from their home at Hiwassee, a village near what is now Murphy, North Carolina, west into Tennessee.

Apart from their small stature and exclusively nocturnal lifestyle, the Moon-Eyed People, unlike the other Cherokee phantom races such as the Nunnehi or the Yunwi Tsudi, the Moon-Eyed People seem essentially human. Coupled wit'h the fact that they are pale-skinned and bearded has led to a significant amount of speculation that the legend of the Moon-Eyed People represents a Cherokee folk memory of contact with a group of European settlers who made it to the new world before Columbus. That's where the Cherokee legend of the Moon-Eyed People has been matched up with the Welsh legend of Prince Madoc.

taken from North Carolina Ghost Stories website-

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