Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Artist Stalemate

We are always looking for a mirror onto ourselves. Trying to understand who we are. Everybody goes about this differently. I think my way is to make things. I think I am looking for a dialog, a sounding board. I am attracted to drawing for its simplicity. For me a brush and water based carbon black ink are a very natural choice for finding that place where images can quickly build into conversations and generate a sense of meaning and understanding or if I am lucky more questions. This might also explain why I am attracted to the ubiquitous “sticky notes”. They are diminutive and unassuming and have a certain self effacing jot or doodling quality to them almost as if they were not ends in themselves but links to more dialog.
Likewise I gravitate toward the immediate availability of used materials or found objects if I am sculpting, and the colors indigenous to those objects. Often I will attempt to exhaust the resources I have on hand, and allow their availability to make formal choices. I find this “challenge” a good way to remain involved in the work as oppose to just being able to have an endless supply of material generating itself from some big box store in the sky. I also see where this game provides an aperture or filter and clarifies the general fog of making creative choices.


Swellzombie said...

Well put.

Kitty Golightly said...

they are puzzle fragments of your own reflection in that mirror you look for to use to see yourself. Your whole self but ourselves are always changing just like the changing images on the sticky notes. None are the same and yet if they were put all together into the image of you they would be vast, complicated and unknowable like an Escher print. xoxo

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