Saturday, September 03, 2011

Security Dungeon

Protecting you from aberrant capitalizers by requiring security checks, an imaginary boundary of liminality, between us and bad bacteria. Making you feel stranger standing outside the gates holding your own intellectual property in your hands, a soggy cardboard box full of degenerate attempts at fiat value.- Google, its what we do. Male emotions have been fetishized just as female physicality has. These people are taught at a young age what is human currency, taught to withhold for the sake of agency. Then as a man you get accused of not being intimate. Its like foreplay, you have to ease up on it before you can get it. Foreplay for the expression of masculinity is sex and physical deconstruction, the cuddling will come after, you can help me rebuild my walls only this time we'll do it from the inside...together. For the feminine counterpart, there is subterfuge, a cobra in a basket. This tangle makes for good tussles. Gender itself is a charade of constructed stage sets. Like a ballet from the mid nineties, reality resists pure abstracts and absolutes. It behaves more like well hung curtains of grey... and androgynous new wave tenors.
oh and about that box....the invention of the "bit"- James Gleick

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