Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Whatever became of Whooville Swamp?

Its like some kind of protestant work ethic witch hunt. Meanwhile the real wizards and witches of finance are cackling in billions of offshore assets, all derived from government contracts. We are upset that Cindy Loo is buying Dunkin Hines brownie mix with food stamps while the mayor of Whooville just awarded a construction contract with Whooville municiple money, for a subdivision that nobody can build in, when housing starts are at historic lows, all because Whooville builders association donated a (tax deductible)chunk of change to Mayors Whoo's war chest...blah blah we know the drill, and yet we are all pissed at the littlest Whoo, and those slutty candy cane haired girls all puttin it out there!...aaand, they cleared pristine Whooville swamp lands to build Whootopia, when they should have used that slushy to increase property value for the people who are established and paying taxes, all because Dufus Whoo promised Whoom Depot he would get Whooville cashola to buy Whoom Depot sod to patch that scar he left in Whooville swamp. Which actually has now led to record flooding in the area cause they scrooged with the 1000 year old ecology, but then theres always the federally funded disaster relief programs the anti socialist Mayor of Whooville is grand standing for .... Metaphor meltdown.

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