Saturday, August 06, 2011


I wanted to see this storm system we have developing off of the coast here. You can tell by the amount of cars with surf boards if there is a tropical air system in town. The skies are clear and the air is still and turgid with moisture. So far no rain, but the waves are a lot stronger. I wasnt going to go down to the sand just peek at the conditions from the boardwalk. When you get that close to rough surf, the salt and coolness of the sand is noticable. I decided to carry my shoes and just get some 9:30 color, put my toes in the water sort of thing. Lots of euro man bikinis and tramp stamped hour glass moms. My path was crossed by a chubby boy, and I got vexed by his body fat and the way he walked to the shore all self absorbed behind white framed blackout sunglasses and hot rod flame board shorts. Boy was walking into the rising sun like he was walking to the mailbox. Then I thought, hes probably the guy who just kicked my ass online in the Rune Scape 2 hours ago.

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