Friday, June 24, 2011

tic toc

When the original couple were expectorated from the garden, in what direction relative to the garden were they exiled to. And another thing. Have you ever noticed in talks of spirituality there is a stigma with "animal nature". Nature has no problems with "animals". Its human nature that nature has a problem with. Or, is it that humans have a problem with human nature, and nature will simply roll over like a dog with fleas. I was thinking about how Cane was expelled to the east of eden, the land of Nod, the land of the Behemoth, the land of the Gin, and there he met his wife. They fornicated there and fed the Nod with their "animal ways"-their ego driven lust. The ego being the part of the Cane family that was without the spiritual presence of the divine. Divine to split to make other is what I see written all over this story...I would think an animal doesn't recognize other.

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