Thursday, June 09, 2011

Never been born/Vail

"It may be said that the physical sciences--with theoretical physics at the
forefront--have now been evolving in its search for this top stone during the
383 years elapsed since the renowned mystical experience of Descartes. After
having had his famous “cogito ergo sum”, spiritual experience on the 10th of
November 1619, Rene Descartes became enthusiastic about what he called the
admirable scientific method. A sort of collective general method which would
unify all of Man's knowledge into one general wisdom, one general unification
theory. This took place at the same time as Galileo was in his prime and men had
learned to distil alcoholic spirits to make strong burned alcohol
drinks--brandies--to energise their brains. This would bring on the "Second Age
of Enlightenment" and send the "Dark Ages" in retreat (PEACE). "book of life

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