Friday, April 08, 2011


A cow named Peep Coke left for her annual live action roll playing event around the moon. Upon her lunar orbit peep noticed the moon was crying. Why are you crying? Said peep as she two stepped a great arching path over the sea of tranquility. The moon replied that the tears were for joy and not from suffering. The nest of solitude and immense nothing of its desolation overwhelmed it with inspiration that crying was the only way Mr. Moon could deal with it. A month after that, Peep felt restless and could not sleep, she was feeling very alone and stressed about her job of eating grass every day and giving milk to all the folks who pretended to be her babies. She stood in front of the giant mirror that mounted behind her ballet bar. Staring deep into her own anxious eyes Peep could see a shiny object floating through the reflection of her condos interior. The ball of shimmering crystal fog drifted until it hovered over her scull. She recognized the smell as the moons tears. Realizing she was not alone and that there were others who felt just like her, she decided to sculpt a herd of cows just like herself out of her own dung, the end.

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