Monday, April 18, 2011

Apollo and Dionysus took the bus to Xilitla...

I would like to appear above the common thumb wrestling hat philosophy has become but, I am not. Here is some art philosophy indulgence from a text on Art and Philosophy by RICHARD ELDRIDGE. I still don't trust Niche, I don't know why, I relate him to those comic book Natzi super villians of the 1950's.
Artistic making, Nietzsche proposes, 
stems from the interfusion of two tendencies. The Apollinian tendency 
is the tendency to delight in representations, appearances, preeminently 
dreams at first, as appearances, including “the sensation that [the dream] 
is mere appearance, ” 11 something I entertain that, however intense, does 
not immediately threaten or touch me. I can delight in contemplating 
these appearances as mine. The Dionysian tendency is the tendency, 
affiliated with intoxication, to abandon one's individuality so as both to 
reaffirm “the union between man and man” and to “celebrate … reconciliation” 
with otherwise “alienated, hostile, or subjugated” nature. 12 These 
tendencies emerge at first “as artistic energies which burst forth from 
nature herself, without the mediation of the human artist, ” 13 as people find 
themselves both dreaming, talking, and representing, on the one hand, 
and engaging in rituals (as forms of “intoxicated reality” 14 ), on the other. 
When these two tendencies are somehow merged—when the Dionysian 
orgies are taken over by the Greeks, who in them are aware of themselves 
as performing and representing (and not simply and utterly abandoning 
individuality), then art exists and “the destruction of the principium individuationis 
for the first time becomes an artistic phenomenon.” 15 Individually 
and collectively, human beings come to represent their world and experiences 
not simply for the sake of private fantasy, not simply for the sake 
of instrumental communication about immediate threats and problems, but as an expression of a common selfhood, “as the complement and consummation 
of [the] existence” 16 of human subjectivity, “seducing one to 
a continuation of life” 17 as a subject.

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