Wednesday, January 05, 2011

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Idle hands I have, been studying in a cloud cover cave and a pale bulb. English is based on Pi. English language was developed in a naming system based on an alphebet code....
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Gnostic Radio
"Of the ten Sephiroth, the tenth is at the very bottom of the tree of life; this is the Sephirah ‘Malkuth,’ (Hebrew for ‘the Kingdom’), which in relation with the four Worlds of Kabbalah, the four manifested Worlds, is the World of Assiah, the World of matter and action. In many of the lectures, we refer to the laws of evolution and devolution, and when we explain the descent of the ray of creation from the Ain Soph Aur down through the tree of life into Malkuth, we call it involution: The way in which the forces of the ray of creation descend into matter through different dimensions to finally arrive at the three dimensional world, the world in which we live. In the previous lectures, we explained that our planet is baptised with the name of Earth, and that it is called Earth because of the cosmic rounds or involution of the matter into the different dimensions which finally arrive at the three dimensional world. It takes a series of events or “involvements” of the ray of creation in different dimensions. In Kabbalah, we talk about three main Hebrew letters related with the elements Air, Fire and Water, which are Aleph, Shin and Mem. Each of these letters are related, Kabbalistically and Gnostically speaking, with three previous cosmic rounds, or epochs of development. The first round was related with the letter Aleph. The second round was related with the letter Shin. The third was related with the letter Mem. In other words, Air, Fire, Water. At this time, we are in the fourth round or fourth manifestation, we would say, of matter in this three dimensional world, which is a ‘terrestrial round.’


Russell Maycumber said...


Wherein W and D are 4 letters in from their respective halves, R and I are 9 digits in, and A and Z are the first digit.

LLPerry said...

I know nothing much of which this speaks, but it seems to me that it's maybe saying we (whatever that encompasses) exsisted, in some form as part of air first, then fire, then water, now Earth?????
that's so beautiful...and deep.
What next then?.........hmmmm.....

beth said...

love the drawrrring

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