Tuesday, December 28, 2010

repost from 2006

I was thinking I wanted to carve my own head stone. I would carve the words "anywhere but here," as my wife suggests, and then I would carve a bunch of skulls and put them on top of the stone so that little gothic teenagers could come steal them and put them in their teen age rooms on top of their TVs as they watched reruns of "The Real World" or what ever teen niche marketing shows that have yet to exist and have yet to be resyndicated for reruns. More likely they would be placed secretly in their closets (because they are "stolen") until the moments when they'll have little ouija board seances with their other hormonally-challenged friends. Oscar Wilde and Russell Maycumber-now appearing one night only in some suburb of some little burg some town somewhere...any where ...anywhere but here.-

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