Sunday, December 12, 2010

learn how to fly

For our christmas tree we purchased an Italian Cypress. My eleven year old son had a sleep over with his friends. They played "manhunt" in their gigantic marshland back yard in pitch dark of night. My son said they had search lights and everything. When we went to pick him up all his clothes were muddy. He had a blast. I think that game might be the gateway drug for political dissidents. He said they were switching jackets and glasses to throw off the enemy. In other news: Some great old Shetland island folklore Trow


LLPerry said...

i am currently working on creating a minimaze-like effect with some, but they have many yrs to go to grow...
you can topiary them very nicely.
Cypresses are so varied and lovely.

there's an arizona cypress at Lowes that's really cool.

japanese yew is lovely too....they have a maze at the zoo....made of them.

norfolk pines are awesome as xmas trees......i've killed quite a few....they do not like the cold.

Anonymous said...

dang tree killin' heathens!

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