Thursday, December 16, 2010


Toxiplasmosis. That's a parasitic disease that lives in many cats, which can get passed from mother cat to kitten, and, that's right, you guessed it, straight on to humans! You get it from contact with cats' feces, which is more or less inevitable, as you're the one cleaning out their crap. If you catch it, you'll most likely just get flulike symptoms, and feel better after a week. Unless, of course, you're immuno-compromised. Say, you're pregnant, HIV+, on chemo, just had an organ transplant, something fun like that. Then you get inflammation of the brain, scarring of the eyes, and—occasionally—horrific skin lesions. If you get through this all okay, scientists are just beginning to realize that Toxiplasmosis plays a part in schizophrenia, so it'll even drive you mad. And your cat almost certainly has it.
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LLPerry said...

Was told by doctor, when i was with child and had concerns about dealing with changing the litter of my 4 feline children, that cats get it from consuming birds....maybe rodents....just birdies i think...

Anonymous said...

here kitty, kitty. i clean the poo box everday since i quit drankin' the hooch!

Kathryn said...


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