Saturday, October 30, 2010

Great heights

I was staring at a sculpture of my friend Leslie Robison titled ballance the other day. It made me think of this.
Off of A1A there is a neighborhood of homes freshly carved from the ancient dunes, and burrowed in what is left of an equally old canopy of myrtle oaks. I was hired out of a day labor office to help an elderly man with some yard work. From start to finish, I laid pavers over about two hundred square foot of lawn. I had never done that before. The older guy who hired me was super patient. He would demonstrate how to level the ground and I couldn't help but notice his hands. They were split, like claws. I thought he might have been an old circus performer. Turns out he was a land developer, led a completely normal life. At the end of the day, the patio I had made was immaculate, I even re-sewed the sod back into the borders. It was nice to make something so nice and with so much labor. That was one of my last day labor jobs, before I took on less manual work for a while. I was sure he was the famed Lobster boy relocated. In other news:Chameleons are thought to be devils in their native Madagascar homelands, half snake half monkey.

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