Tuesday, August 31, 2010

sun card

The vampires and their lazy boys of Totalitarian Materialism, the sun as seen through the closed eyes of a newborn
Picasso's fool-"The origin of the Hanged Man is said to be connected with the sacrifice of Odin, the chief of the Norse gods, who according to mythology, hung upside down in a tree for nine days to gain entry to the underworld and learn the meaning of the runes. As a precondition to his self sacrifice Odin was wounded with his own spear and had to pull out one of his eyes." What happens when your life perspective short circuits the inclination to interpret your material world, akin to how we "build" a three dimensional world out of two independent, visually based sense organs. Perhaps Odin was forced to reevaluate his world through a different lens, or even more pragmatically this short circuit is a direct line to what the Vedas mythos refers to as aether, or akasha,a universal repository of information. Runes being one of many ways to access this info. >-Approaching the shore -line of story and testimony. I like to see where science looks to mythology for hypotheticals.

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