Sunday, August 01, 2010

letter to an old friend

My reaction to a friend posting the intro to Dog Day Afternoon, with the Elton John songAmoreena-"Dog days are actually referring to the star "Sirius", also known as the dog star, found in the constellation of Canis Major, deriving its name from the Greek word '"seirios", which means "scorching".

The star sirius is most visible in our hemisphere during the summer months as the brightest star in the heavens (not Polaris, the northern star)."-some dude named Samarai Hoghead on Yahoo.

Yesterday was amazingly hot and I was having some weird electrolyte body strangeness(doesn't help we watched My own Private Idahowith Narcolepsi boy the night before)...When it gets that hot I always think of the scene at the end when they are at an airport or something.... Also I think of being in Austin just before all the students return, just dead-if you made music based on that feeling I'd call it Hot Lonesome.

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Joren said...

nice drawings!!

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