Friday, May 28, 2010

Single in the Singularity

To be able to see the evolution of your own species for better or worse in your own lifetime is high strangeness for sure. At one point big thinkers felt we may reach a point when our own technology would overtake us. (Kurzweil) The twist now is that our population to resources relationship would not allow us to develop to this level. The compromise is that yes the singularity or evolution will happen but humans in our current form will not be the offspring of our current mental biological state.(Jim Gardner)The common thread through the spark of carbon based life as flukey as carbon's mere existence is, is "intelligence"(loaded word 101). This takes its own shell whether it has opposable thumbs or not...or even a shell for that matter...or even a carbon composition but that just takes all the fun out of it.


LLPerry said...

so then, what will happen? silicon cyborgs?

Russell Maycumber said...

who cares if all goes according to plan we will be expanding at an alarming rate-

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